£60 Introductory Session For New Clients (75 mins+)
This session is for new clients. It is a longer session to include analysis of a health questionnaire and a consultation for you to explain your individual needs and for me to explain further the massage process. Usually this will be around 10-15 minutes consultation followed by an hour or more of massage treatment but can vary depending on your circumstances

£35 Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins)
This shorter session is to enable focus on a specific area

£60 Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)
This is for return clients who have had the Introductory Session and are looking for ongoing treatment

£75 Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins)

£300 Deep Tissue Massage (6 x 60 minute sessions). This block of treatments is great value for ongoing treatment. The 6 sessions should be used within 6 months.

Your massage treatment will be held in my dedicated home treatment room. Parking available.

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