£30 Introductory Offer For New Clients (1 hour)
This session is for new clients and is a great, cost-effective way to experience Raynor Massage. The session lasts for one hour and includes completion and analysis of a Health questionnaire with a consultation to explain your individual needs and explain further the Raynor Massage process. Usually this will be around 15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes of massage treatment but can vary depending on the client’s circumstances.

£90 Introductory Offer For New Clients (2 hours)
This would be as described above but would last for 2 hours. This really is an amazing introduction to Raynor Massage and allows the therapist more time to diagnose issues and find and remove your tension. It is usual for people to worry that 2 hours may be too long for a first time treatment. However, once they have had it they always feels fantastic and say that the time just flew by!

£60 One Hour Raynor Massage Session
This is for return clients that have had the Introductory Session and are looking for further treatment. It is also ideal for those who have gone through the excavation process and are looking for a top-up!

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